IndiPam Jewellery

The IndiPam Jewellery Spring Collection 2015 was hand-made by Pamela Tosh during five months of travel from April to the end of August 2015 in India. Pamela has sought to carefully select and collect materials from various sources until all the elements were available and complimentary to make each piece unique.


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Each one offers a story to the admirer, one story spanning almost 20 years. The cameo pendant used was safely kept all this time until it was finally set in Silver in Goa during October 2014, thereafter made into a necklace in April 2015.

The necklaces have travelled to Rishikesh, have been dipped in the Ganges and visited The Beatles Ashram as well as Gangotri (the source of the Ganges), Kashmir and Thailand where these pictures were taken.

Silver and brass wire is intricately laced to create the beautifully delicate links making each pendant or drop distinctive. Gemstones have been researched and examined for their beauty and compatibility for healing purposes.

The artistic expressions that come from this meditative process have created such attractive and flattering pieces which can be worn for any occasion and already those which have been purchased were a love at first sight encounter.

There is an energy that is evident in the jewellery as Pamela continuously works with her hands providing healing treatments and foot care to the poor, elderly and Sadhus (respected for their holiness). Whilst creating the jewellery the honest intent of her Karma Yoga and selfless actions moves with her breath to her fingertips and a yoga or union is formed with the natural materials used.