IndiPam Love Projects –

In 2013 Pamela Tosh made her first journey to India to complete a 200 hour yoga teacher training course.

It was during this time that the worst floods in over 88 years devastated the region. Pamela began her selfless service ‘Karma Yoga’ to inspire western yogis, onlookers and local Indians.

Working and educating on street level has many challenges, and over the past 6 years Pamela has sought to integrate animal, social and environmental research to be able to accurately assess the landscape of this region, and find solutions.

Your gifts ignite IndiPam’s mission in service to humanity, as we embark together to make a difference in this world!

To date Pamela Tosh has self funded projects, however it is now time to ask you, to open your heart to compassionate giving.

Halen Ray Erasmus and Pamela Tosh hope to leave Cape Town, South Africa by mid-October 2019 – our first target of R 20 000.00 must be met by this time to afford the travel expenses needed to get to India to work with Doon Animal Welfare NGO in Dehradun, the capital city of the northern region of India, Uttarakhand, and the closest city and resource centre to Rishikesh, just 45 minutes away.

If you are South African please use my direct account and email proof of payment to

Pamela Tosh


Cheque Account: 4057957826

Code: 632005


  • Basic necessities – toiletries and washing products
  • First aid supplies – elastic/stretch bandages
  • Seasonal Clothing for distribution to the poor
  • Transportation – emergency vehicle / a scooter
  • Volunteers – please email