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I believe that we come from one Divine energetic source. My own quest for answers led me to Rishikesh for the first time in 2013 where I began a journey embracing truth. I was compelled by something far greater than ‘I’, to work on the streets serving the poor and homeless, to realize my full potential and purpose in this lifetime.

And, by no means at all has it been easy.

So, when I began my interview with Shahla Ettefagh, the founder of Mother Miracle School in Rishikesh, her words began to resonate with me on a very deep level. Eighteen years ago she began her service dedicated to improving the lives of children in the district of Uttarakhand, a state in northern India at the foothills of the Himalayas.

Mother Miracle School now has 500 students

I responded with enthusiasm to a recent post on Rishikesh Yogis Community Facebook page, about the feeding campaign that the team of staff members at Mother Miracle are busy running out of their school premises. I also wanted to know more about their efforts to distribute food to the needy, and the positive impact it is having on the lives of others. I had every intention of writing an article about what the school offers to the previously disadvantaged community of Rishikesh. And, how their technologically advanced courses and programmes have helped children from low caste slum to reach their full potential, inevitably changing their destiny and the future of family generations. Powerful!

Staff work daily to prepare food for the community

But, when I heard her story unfold and felt her undeniable passionate energy coming through the speaker, I heard another deeper message. It was a message that I’ve been needing to hear, one which made me pause to think. I was tuning in and resonating with her story which seemed to have so many similarities to mine. She was explaining the hardships she faced at the start of her project and her resilience during the initial years.

Hearing her words would have had a very different impact if it was at any other time, but in relation to what is happening in the world today I must acknowledge that her inspirational efforts should be shared as knowledge and wisdom to activate, encourage and facilitate forward movement and positive action in more individuals, healers and lightworkers.

It has become the inspired responsibility of many individuals across the globe, who have come forward to dedicate their time to the service of humanity, to increase and maintain their efforts with renewed strength, courage and faith. Believing that our power as individuals to co-create with Spirit is a Divine blessing, a miracle in itself. And, such is the miracle of new life…given by a mother. These actions do not go without sacrifices, the unconditional love only a mother would know.

While I have been forced to remain isolated in a room behind my computer, I am still very much aware of what is happening on the ground, especially in India. The amount of information juxtaposed between positive, confusing and outright strange has forced me to sit back and reassess where I want to put my energy. And, if I am going to share my energy with others how best to do it, so that it can offer lasting benefit and value to others. By discernment I have been led to the ‘door’ of Shahla and from opposite sides of the world, and in the middle of the night, we shared with one another about the passion of service for the beautiful people of India.

“I am receiving wonderful opportunities to interact and share with healers and lightworkers from around the globe during this time. My higher self is insistently searching for individuals and organisations who have sacrificed so much of themselves to help others, and or have previously gone unnoticed. It is certainly a beneficial catalyst for the renewal of my own intentions, for my own Divine purpose.”

When one surrenders, and begins to wait for and receive guidance from Spirit, for the sincere intention of co-creating to bring positive change to individuals, communities and environments something happens that is rarely explained. Because we choose to live in the illusion of a third dimensional reality, without giving much attention to the force behind our actions. It is easy to overlook the synchronicities and blessings that have come to us in Divine timing, to begin to construct the necessary foundations. As these puzzle pieces begin to fit together the actions begin to gain momentum, much like a ripple when a stone is thrown into water. It could be said that the energy towards that, which begins in the centre by one person’s idea, starts to influence and affect others. A cause and effect analogy, drawing others towards your light to spread more light outwards. Would one call it the ‘law of abundance, or inspiration’?

In most cases inspiring people is achieved by being an example. Taking your theory to the test and embodying that which you would want to see in others. When we talk about ‘being the change’ we have to accept that in this reality being and doing can present untold challenges. Those called to serve are compelled by a force far greater than ‘mind’, to act. Many being called to serve don’t know how. It becomes the job of the person in the centre to hold the torch so to speak, and be the leader, guiding others by delegating relevant roles and positions. Within that ‘mandala,’ each person’s passion and potential is realized, to form a solid unified group of individuals with the same vision. This successful model also means that, metaphorically speaking, if any one of those ‘petals’ is removed at any time, the flower will continue to remain in its original glorious state without detriment to the whole, and continue with its functions.

My intention in relating this perspective comes purely from the understanding that Shahla, otherwise known as ‘Mam’, left her home, business and staff in Rishkesh before the lockdown, and is still able to inspire the actions of her colleagues and staff without her physical presence. You see, wanting to help and serve others has no borders or limitations. The need is inspired by a deeper motivation and is usually expressed in raw emotion. I read a book once which said that, ‘unconditional love can flow from ones being like a river of tears’. When Shahla began to cry about the emergency state of Rishikesh, and the need for food distribution to the poor, her staff banded together successfully in her absence and started a daily feeding scheme.

Mother Miracle recognizes the importance and intelligence of each child in their care supporting their growth and development with an integrated social structure offering necessities like new clothing and shoes, as well as an ‘eat as much as you can’ lunch meal, perhaps the only meal these children will get in one day. The ‘tough love’ approach towards the families of the children at her school ensures that they remain safe within their home environment to continue their schooling with the necessary care and discipline. The resources available to them here, are by far, more than what their culture and environment dictates to them. Developing a programme which would serve children in a future dated technological environment could not be forecast at the time. It was surely the integration of her faith and passion which has had far reaching effects for the potential of the school, and why it has become noticed among the more affluent.

For decades growing up in a low caste system in India has been detrimental to the lives and future of children never being able to fulfil their true purpose. Shahla is paving the way for change amongst the youth of tomorrow and her legacy will be spoken by many blessed by her intervention.

Fire Puja ceremony performed by Shanti Kunj Ashram, celebrating the opening of the school on 1 April 2016

“When one creates an environment honouring the dignity and integrity of every individual there is an abundance of positive and creative energy. A fire for the soul.”

For more information about Mother Miracle School and to donate please visit

Students assemble every morning at 8am in the courtyard and on the balcony to begin the day with prayer, music and fellowship

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