Karma Yoga – Mother Theresa Missionaries of Charity, Goa

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On 6 April 2015 husband and wife team Anton and Pamela announced themselves at Mother Theresa Missionaries of Charity located in Carambolim, Goa to spend a day with the residents doing selfless service, Karma Yoga.  A sign describes the mission as a home for the aged, the destitute and the dying. There are fifty one residents of which the majority are mentally handicapped or unstable, under the full-time care of  five nuns.

“We arrived just after 09h00 and over the five hours that followed, Pamela completed fifteen foot treatments with my contribution limited to clumsily washing feet and assisting with water changes, towel rinses and moral support. As each woman was treated, I watched their flow of emotions change from fear and uncertainty to gratitude, respect and love.

Words cannot express my feelings and each image in this gallery has a story which I will always remember.”


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  1. Geoff Payne  April 10, 2015

    Vicarious respect, buds. xxx