The Force Behind Us – 31 days to go

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Whichever power and force is behind the remarkable events Anton and I have experienced individually and together since last year November we feel completely safe in our decision and have weighed the process against all the other opportunities here in South Africa.

Pamela and Anton

I see many thoughts and ideas over time that have shaped us and created a society where our children should feel free enough to dream of limitless opportunities, to be able to create and freely express themselves in whichever way they choose. Our schools and education system should still be applauded for being able to cultivate a united front between races amongst the younger generations. The ones who will repair our country from a failing democratic government.

Not knowing the outcome of our future based on the decisions we are making now can make one feel very vulnerable, and the times the feelings of uncertainty step in you can very clearly feel our low energy vibrations, irritations and frustration. From estate agents; potential buyers; friends and acquaintances, when I’m asked for how long and when will you be back, even though the return flight is set for the end of August we just don’t know. Every day has become an entirety on its own as our actions feel lethargic and our thoughts are stretched far beyond the realms of logic. I guess it’s also natural for a newly-wed couple to want to address any festering emotions and be reassured that this massive step into the unknown is truly what we want. We are certainly stepping out in faith as it feels like we are being gently nudged by the Universe out of Cape Town.

The same driving force behind our intentions should be the same one that gets us all up in the morning…I think it’s just described in different ways to make believing in The Divine, One, Power, God easier or more acceptable. And if there isn’t one then the true self, your inner voice should be the one you search for and then listen to.

It is true that our faith is waning, for people around us all the time that drain our energy and bite off the whole arm when we make the effort to extend friendship. But when have we become so insecure that we need to have anyone other than ourselves to make us happy, why do we continue to replace real interactions with humans, and discard a loving touch or hugs with ‘LIKES’.

I’ve seen myself on the streets of India. Being able to connect with eyes, the windows to the soul. A people and a race free of entitlement and grudges. Accepting of another even in the worst conditions. Not searching, asking or wanting…just accepting. Finding freedom here to be myself and connect with others on a deeper more spiritual level gives me the strength to do incredible things for others and puts uncomprehendable meaning into my life. I don’t feel alone.