Exodus to India – 101 days to departure

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After many cosmic connections and signs or messages from the universe over the past two months it is without a doubt that Anton and I have a calling to leave again, on 25 March 2015, for India…
and anyone is welcome! Daniel 9:10-11

Yesterday, after a morning at the Milnerton Flea Market selling odds and ends, we found ourselves sitting around our home bar in the early evening talking generally about the next three months. We would have to sell as much of our belongings as possible in this period. The realization that Christmas is in two weeks and we’re running short of well attended flea markets during this time, moved us strangely, swiftly into action. We knew we had to make haste while the sun shone, and laughed at the use of the metaphorical phrase, perhaps the idea of making ‘light’ of what we were about to do might make this spontaneous undertaking a little less daunting. It made sense to start exactly where we were, in the bar. With lots of small items to sell we’d surely have many interesting things to display on our market tables. Our first box filled with party paraphernalia, bags, hats and accessories, the hat stand which had moved precariously around our house over the past 4 years had found a spot in the corner of the bar and started to breed clutter. No one could have predicted the outcome of this day as boxes miraculously made themselves available to fill, and so we did. Anton started hyperventilating with the acknowledgement of getting rid of the smallest things like packets, tickets and festival armbands. I watched him sweating as he went through the bits and pieces with a keen eye as if he were picking in his own home.

Deciding to move and starting slowly is a very unburdening process. If done properly with a bit of respect, I guess, for each other’s temporary whines of acceptance in the process then it can be healing for both. We had had good times and few worse times in the bar. Parties could go overboard at the best of times but we were aware each time we woke up the next morning with a hangover that one day it would have to come to a welcoming end. The beginning of the first ending to a chapter of 40 years on this earth was starting to write itself. The bar would become a boutique adjacent to the yoga room, I would have to slow down with work and focus on writing more, and better!

Every ten minutes I’d look back at the walls and counters I’d been stripping and breathe a lighter breath. Posters, pictures, bottles, glasses, knick-knacks, memorabilia, caps to be donated and much more in sentimentality.

An hour in and we fast realized the male presence in the bar…ego. I side swiped the accusations of my forcing hand, meanwhile a decision he had already made, on his own, to let go. Justifying the smallest item, not to keep, was tough. Kali the female Hindu goddess of time, change and destruction had lifted her head and had said ‘go’! I’d read about her just yesterday in a book or online. It settled in quickly that I hadn’t been that aware of the however insignificant small gestures from the universe. Cosmically, we were still being offered signs that we were on the right destiny path and we were being guided.

As I pulled the heavy bin bag up with positive and willing strength to throw something away I smiled throughout my whole body. What a wonderful feeling to feel. None of this really mattered.
The way we were doing it now, by restructuring the home so it became a more manageable place to live whilst working over the next three months probably should have been done a year ago when I first came home from India. We had allowed ourselves to remain in the previous rut without even realizing, always justifying the extra drink, smoke or lazy day. I had to save my sanity…I had been tolerating my own unhappy mood for way too long. Now with the purpose of selling a home, doing this meant less hassle down the line. Fittings and fixtures were removed diligently by one of the tools we’d get to eventually to decide its fate and conversation quietened as each nail reminded Anton of the one he’d obviously drilled in, metaphorical glue in ones psyche…he was facing a few more challenges than I was in quest to leave. I had done this twice before in our 4 year relationship and it hurt like hell.

Our home soon began to feel like a market place and the brand we launched weeks ago, IndiPam’s Yoga House, began to materialize in my psyche. The first and only to be realized at our Oakfarm Crescent home in Cape Town, for just 3 months before our departure to India, will certainly not be the last. Perhaps we could inspire others by socializing over our strange behaviour and perhaps we could also change lives.

A candle can only be used as a candle, but a bowl or a plate can come in plastic, ceramic or any other substance or metal, and can be purchased or presented as simply or ornately beautiful as the imagination can inspire, for use or décor, and end up being admired without ever realising its purpose. So friends help to send us on our journey, not without observing yourselves and trying to disconnect from the binding material strains that can hinder ones search for bliss. Let our inspiration bless you.


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