The Rhythm of Life

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The start of week 4 and yoga classes are becoming emptier as yogi’s suffer from all sorts of digestive related illnesses and other ailments like skin rashes and allergic reactions. My 48 hour tummy bug thankfully only pulled me out of one yoga class and I seem to be on a quicker road to recovery than some. I bought an Aloevera natural juice which I’ve been taking (30ml) religiously every day and I put my health down to this natural immune booster.

We’ve been warned about the so called 4 week hill that has to be climbed before our body and mind can adapt to the changes and the routine. Before old habits finally adjust to a new rhythm. I’m hoping then my body will also finally start loosening up. It seems to have gone into shock with all the exercise and most days, especially the back of my knees, I’m so stiff…even more than when I first arrived. We’re using so many layers of muscles now that we’re aware of them, how to breathe into them to activate them, and training our mind and body to work well together is not easy.

I’ve been contemplating my actions in the last week. The unsettling rain we had which turned into disaster. Stepping out of my comfort zone to break some social barriers and do some care work, which I love. My shock at confronting the conditions of people on the street and my plea for help.


I should accept that all I can do is going to have an impact within the 3 week period I’m still here, and come to terms with the fact that my best intentions may have little impact after I leave. Its tough when you’re me to acknowledge that letting go is not giving up. I’ve put some Karma Yoga in action and perhaps changed some perceptions here. Personal hygiene parcels will be made with the monies I’ve gratefully received and handed out in the coming weeks to as many in need as possible. Thank you for helping me to make a big difference in a very simple and undemanding existence.


If we can bypass our minds and open our hearts to do more selfless actions in our monotonous day to day lives, how fulfilled we could start to feel and perhaps even work would not feel like work with a satisfying compassion towards others. Sure it is emotional here because it’s so in your face, on the other side wouldn’t it then be easier to make an extra sandwich in the morning, buy some extra fruit at the shops, make eye contact and greet with a smile, and give yourself up for a moment.

Universities are teaching that man has infinite needs and the earths resources are limited…I beg to differ. There is very little we really need and the earth is abundant, plentiful. What stones are precious and rare are so because we do not need them, and what we need most, nutrition, is everywhere, on trees and growing out of the ground. There should be enough for everyone without having to tear down forests and farms across countries for industry. It’s shocking to hear that there is a very high suicide rate amongst Indian farmers who continue to loose their land and cannot provide for their families because of the need to produce more, and more, and more. We are the only living being that eats when we are not hungry…a slow death called ‘snacking’.

I’m checking in with my body every time I have a meal and these days I can feel my digestive system drawing energy from my body to the extent that I start sweating. Every meal my portions are becoming less to adjust my body rhythms so that the energy can be used elsewhere. To heal and repair tired muscles or cleanse the system. Breathing is becoming my meditation throughout every minute of the day.

Finding your rhythm can take as little or as long as you want it to. Maybe the idea of the impact our habits have on a global scale can help us to adjust our attitudes, or we can continue to stick our heads in the ground in search for precious unsatisfying gems.

‘Om shanti, shanti, shanti…’

Shanti /Shaanti/ pacification, allayment, removal; peace, calmness, tranquility, quiet, ease, rest; cessation, end; absence of passion, complete indifference to all worldly enjoyment.




  1. Leanne Shearman on Facebook  June 27, 2013

    Awww just want to hug you.