In the wake of storms

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Noise from helicopter engines fill up the sky as rescue efforts continue daily to bring stranded people out of the mountains to safety here in Rishikesh. I’m told lifeless bodies are being washed up along the river banks, some so badly mutilated.

It’s difficult to do anything without consciously sending prayers up when the noise is a powerful reminder of so much chaos and lives lost.

We experienced another ‘super storm’ here last night and even within the safety of these walls we were all petrified. I cannot explain the intensity of the lashing rains and how fierce the darkness becomes. The lightning is an electrical cacophony that makes the heavens shudder. The thought of being outside is unimaginable. I prayed like hell for all of us, even going so far as to pick and place a bag, money and passport just in case I felt the building shift. I’ve seen videos of buildings collapsing in the wake of torrents so my fears weren’t exaggerated. The worst is not over as weather reports continue to predict heavy rain.

Cosmic energy is so strong here I believe anything is possible in India.

My stomach has taken a turn…feels like ten turns…so I’m spending my ‘off day’ indoors. Miraculously the sun was out this morning like a crude joke after the night’s torture and yogis have gone for a walk to one of the temples. There are so many temples here it makes me wonder if God really is trying to send a message.

The appeal for help last week has spurred interest at the ashram and I’m looking forward to increasing momentum as the weeks pass. There are discussions about a student yogi sustained relief project which I will formally propose in the hopes that many people will continue to be blessed here, even after I leave.

Moving into week four it’s almost a month of accomplished hard work, commitment and dedication that has achieved amazing results thus far. A new me is emerging with questions answered, a better perspective on the present, strength for the unpredictability of the future and a calmer temperament.


We are with everything that is…a very short summary of teachings that needs some contemplation. We have become so conditioned to stress that simplicity is no longer an achievable state of mind but an unattainable or tedious exercise. You can never ‘miss out’ on something you are not removed from, you can never work too hard when everything you are works around you. Whatever destroys is a simple shift in natural balance which should not alter your state of being…the flow of life is there to guide us towards our true self.

Find some bells or chimes…just by simply tapping them with your finger you’ll create beautiful sounds.

Have a magical week, namaste!






  1. Yash Singh on Facebook  June 23, 2013

    Its so sad Pam,,,, bloody flood……