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I’m trying to recap the past three weeks. The 20 days seem to have passed so slowly,  so much has happened, so much has changed. At the beginning of the week my mood and attitude had been stretched. I wasn’t happy and the rain seemed to me, to be a negative manifestation of my feelings. Yesterday morning feeling much better I left the breakfast table and made my way to my room passing through a shaft of light. I was compelled by something to be still in the light for a moment…I took a deep breath, and can define the moment as the exact time something changed in my psyche. Let it be, let it be, let it be oh let it be….and the song continues…

My body feels good. I think I have finally acclimatised. I’m enjoying hot water from the taps and saving it for a well deserved ‘bucket bath’, pure pleasure! I’ve had some indulgences since i arrived but can count them on one hand…3 fizzy cool drinks; 1 packet of chips; 4 blocks of chocolate and 2 coffees. We signed a commitment to the Ashram on the first Monday of the course and I haven’t touched a cigarette since. I’ve enjoyed an ‘egg’ breakfast once but have not craved my beloved bacon and eggs or any other food for that matter.


Laundry gets done using two buckets on good weather days, which is risky at the moment because downpours happen at anytime. During a yoga session you’ll see yogis dashing out to rescue their belongings at the slightest drizzle…you just never know.


I’ve become friends with an Indian family who I enjoy visiting a couple of times a week. Two wives in this family and daughters and their children in the smallest space, you can imagine how vibrant my visits are. I’ve been practising massage for donations during free time, but for them I’ve gifted both one mother and daughter. I have unanimously been invited back for tea and dinner to finish the remainder of the household. The two boys are just the cutest and enjoy a dance using the cellphone before I leave each time…Woop Woop Gangnam Style! Claps and high fives get shared and I get hugs. It feels so good!

Thank you for sharing your time with me on this amazing journey of self discovery. We’re almost halfway to the end of the beginning. Take this love and spread it outwards on your own new journey of mindful actions and spiritual intentions.