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How many times since I’ve been in India have things not worked for me? I cannot begin to count. My cellphone at Mumbai Airport; my new Nexus (mostly because I don’t understand it…the apps are difficult or foreign to use); my bathroom toilet; electricity; no hot water; not being able to find my umbrella when it’s raining (found 10 minutes ago and hey, it’s sunny outside); my Nexus keyboard (Bluetooth), I’m touch typing this post. These are just some of the issues I have faced daily and you have no idea how troublesome it’s been getting blogs up and looking as good as they do. Thankfully I have a ‘techno genie’ back home to sort that out for me.

Yesterday’s rainfall put a whole lot back into perspective. A walk to the Ganges made me feel small and insignificant…an opportunity to feel humble and give thanks. We cannot control what’s out there in the cosmic world. That which has been put there for a reason to test us. I’m told by a wiser man “don’t look for problems look for indications”. Circumstances, we have unintentionally created but don’t understand, surely then are just signs that have taken a detour from our minds into the outer world…after all, I started yoga because of stress and IMPATIENCE! I should welcome these signs.


I’ve been trying for so long to put life into a neatly packaged box. I had dreams of a different future, a husband and more children earlier, a successful corporate business before 40…for what? For more stress and unhappiness. I have been listening to the inner voice that has been shouting to get out the box and it says, “so what…if it doesn’t work don’t try to fix it”. That doesn’t mean don’t be responsible, it means there is so much else out there we do not yet understand and the Law of Nature has your back!

Don’t give up by putting your life in a box…an untimely death of happiness is trying to predict your future. Live in your dream. Happiness is YOU!







  1. Tamara Bates on Facebook  June 18, 2013

    Heard there has been terrible flooding there. Glad u ok! Thanks for the regular updates. Very interesting. Miss u!

  2. mom  June 18, 2013

    so happy to see you hugging the tree 🙂 all the technology in the world cannot make up for Mother Natures WONDER!!! 🙂