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How many of us have said the words, ‘I hate how I feel’ or ‘I hate how I look’. I myself have said the words many times in the past, ‘I hate my body’. Even at my home yoga studio I could’t face looking in the mirror because I felt fat and ugly.

The last couple of days have been really tough. Every muscle and joint have been fighting against the extreme exersize and yesterday I’d had enough…instead of curling up into an emotional ball I went for an Ayurvedic Full Body 1 hour massage treatment. Besides a bruise or two on tender muscles by the therapist, the massage had an immediate rejuvenating effect on my body. I’m feeling wonderfully lighter both mentally and physically today.

The massage experience was authentic to the point that the therapists didn’t speak a word of English, so I guess insisting on ‘less less’ to get a lighter pressure fell on deaf ears. The pressure was intense but necessary, and it was quite intimidating not knowing too much about this style of massage. I tried my best to allow myself to relax but felt quite exposed to the two therapists working on different parts of my body at one time (one being male). The 10min steam left me quietly reflecting on the body’s miraculous endurance and healing ability and I thanked it with a few tears for being so strong over the years

Aptly enough the anatomy class yesterday focused on muscles in our neck shoulder region, with a total of 30 of the over 600 muscles in our bodies to be during this course.

Our morning ASANA class also focused on the BANDHAS – a series of muscles lockes in the groin, abdomen and neck used to elongate and suspend the breath which in turn assists with the extension and deepening of the postures. Durning this class I found my inner voice talking to me and it said as clearly as If I were to speak it out loud, ‘I love my body’.


It’s time to light the fire within. Engage your BANDHAS – do the research or ask a yogi/teacher and practise engaging these muscles during the day. Seated at a desk, reaching a shelf, unpacking groceries…we are constanty doing exersize, it’s when you can be more mindful of your breath and movement that you can control your breath and focus not on the body but the mind. Slowly your perceptions of yourself will change and you’ll want to explore your body on a different level. I find this so exciting because it’s in everyone’s reach, excuse the pun!


I asked myself in the same class why they don’t teach these fundamental technical intricacies in the beginning of the yoga journey…wouldn’t it make sense? The answer that came to me was ‘because you need to ask yourself the question before you have the curiosity to learn’.

Besides learning so much about my body and where everything fits, my mind is awakened to communicating with me in the most subtle and silent way….I want to spend time with myself, exploring and being adventurous with little movements – small things make the biggest difference!

Have fun with your body this weekend, and just love it!




  1. Leanne Shearman on Facebook  June 14, 2013

    Lovely words

  2. Gerhardus Boonzaaier on Facebook  June 14, 2013

    Sounds like you are having quite an experience over there:-)

  3. Ruth Tosh on Facebook  June 15, 2013

    AWESOME Pamela, am loving your blogg X