Floods of Love

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I’ve been awake listening to the rain. It woke me up at 01h45 and I opened my door to the downpour and a cool breeze on my face. It’s like a disco in the heavens and I’ve sent my intentions to the rooftop. The rain is relentless and the thunder is knocking on earths door with the force of the heavens behind it. The room lights up when I close my eyes.

This rain feels cleansing…like love…tolerable, ever present and giving. The Ganges will unconditionally continue to give to the people of India who worship it. Or perhaps this is mother nature resetting the balance – a Monsoon of epic proportion, I cannot wait to receive it.

Even though many lives have been taken by the Ganges in India the people continue to worship and praise it. Perhaps their love of mother nature is what makes India so colourful. In contradiction to the Hindu religion and its worship of nature and animals there’s a lack of regard for social welfare I am still trying to grasp.

I will open my heart to the endless possibilities of love. Like the raging waters of the Ganges I will purposefully spread the overflowing love I feel.

Get your balance and submerge yourself in pure, holy love.