The Gift

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I know for sure after just four days that my life will never be the same again.

I have to remind myself that it’s only day four because my mind already sees differently.

My body clock is regulated and it seems that without stress I can function well with 5 or 6 hours of sleep. At home I would need 8 or more and still struggle to get out of bed in the morning.The term stress has changed for me too from being associated only with work to anything that is not meant for the human body or mind. I have total clarity when I wake up so believe that I have digested everything I’ve ‘learnt’ the day before and it’s flowing freely from my mind into my fingertips, onto the keyboard, into cyber universe, and whomever is reading this it’s meant just for you.

We are capable of anything, believe this. Then nothing will be impossible. Don’t fear shedding the layers that you’ve been burdened with – at any age…what lies within the layer of ourselves is a smooth shiny pearl, priceless!

My body is becoming a fine tuned machine…I’m clean, and the feeling of ‘being clean’ is new and totally amazing to behold, but it comes at a price. We all know what effort is and we all know we need to make one and I know I could not have done this without the authenticity and discipline and instruction of a few dedicated yogi’s…not to this extent anyway, and perhaps it would have taken years for the same results. The effort I made was getting to India and that was a sacrifice, or so I thought, and many won’t have the opportunity so your effort and sacrifice may be a lot harder.

We all need a guru (mentor) to teach us and back home it could just mean a friend to be accountable to. They should have the same intentions however…we complain consistently about our wellness when it should be the joining or union of what’s so easily obtainable through yoga practice. We separate the mind (internal) from the body (external) – it’s no wonder diets and exercise have a limited effect on us or don’t work at all. We’ve become so obsessed with health that we’re just fixing the external body. Fix your mind first and you will hold the key to your life.

The fundamentals of yoga: convert to vegetarianism, get sleep, meditate, do the exercise and so on…why wouldn’t you if you knew it would bring you everything you’ve ever wanted? Happiness, peace, love…

My body is aching this morning. I can feel every muscle and hear every joint when I move, but my body is alive in a new way and I LOVE IT! If this is what it feels like to know ones self then I have found something amazing…yoga is not a religion belonging to many people it’s a spiritual thought process which your body automatically catches up to.

Make it the right time to clean the dust off your heart…make the effort! It was said by a dedicated and well known guru that yoga will be India’s greatest gift to the world…open your life and receive the blessings.