The Journey Begins

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I feel alive…as alive as a newborn baby.

The second day of our yoga regime and everything’s falling into place, and by this I mean the purpose for being here.

Yesterday I felt very emotional and unstable. I’d had a bad nights sleep and awoke too early, was not used to my surroundings or my room – emphasis here on the bed and bathroom facilities. The noise here just didn’t seem to end and the headache worsened. Our group of yogis which are split between 2 hotels (totalling about 45) came together for introductions and we each took turns presenting ourselves, our relationship with yoga and our expectations of the course. The answers we’re as individual as each of us but with one burning similarity, we all want to change our lives, and inspire others to change. It’s true to the core and now I can say it confidently, that yoga is not just exercise or a practice of postures, poses and breathing, neither is it a choice of lifestyle – Yoga is perfection in action.

Contemplate on this statement…it takes a long time to understand this theory. What is perfection? Absolutely anything we do daily with 100% involvement and focus…we are all doing yoga…the problem is we have forgotten to give ourselves the time we need to contemplate and meditate on our actions and thoughts. We have become self contained with the daily grind wanting success and fortune and when we have it we’ll be too burnt out to enjoy it spending our hard earned money on remedies and doctors bills and wondering where it all went wrong…we all know how time flies and who wants regrets when they reach retirement. Now is the time to live…yoga is living.

You don’t have to be in India to appreciate how simple life is…and if you can reach the understanding of what I mean when I say simplify things, you just may find the meaning of life.

Commit to half an hour every morning or evening just sitting cross legged, straight backed, eyes closed, hands on knees, in silence…contemplate the day and question your actions in the first few minutes. Then quieten your mind and just be. If you can start with that and be still for that period of time then you are doing yoga and your yoga journey has begun!