Connect with YOU

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I have been searching for a very long time.

I was very young when my mind and body went through trauma and I became separated from myself…

The course is in it’s third day and already I feel that so many questions have been answered and I have been able to affirm what I’ve been feeling for some months. Here there is no rule that what you are being taught you must learn and accept or if you disagree or there is conflict with your thoughts you reject it, but rather hold onto it and contemplate it…even amidst the noise there is time for quiet contemplation and meditation, or who are we kidding that we are in control of ourselves when our thoughts and understandings are being compressed into a chaotic time bomb…even sleep is becoming a vessel to search for answers.

I began my yoga journey last September, but I’ve been searching for health, happiness, peace and calm since my youth. My tormented twenties formed habits that made me extremely unhappy and it’s such a pity. I look at the young yogi’s on course with me and wonder how much greater and wiser I could be now if I had the opportunity they ‘re experiencing at such a young age. I’ll put that thought in a bubble and blow it away with good intention because I’ll never get those years back and because I seem to be able to offer a different perspective for them and some knowledge about life – hugs have been welcomed to ease the emotional overload.

After committing to more yoga classes or even intensifying your yoga practise you move towards a state of contemplation. I realize now that this was happening to me more recently at home and It can easily be mistaken for something else when life and those around you demand your attention. It can be very difficult to disconnect with life but even more so if you are truly connected with yourself to connect with life. I was in a quieter space and allowed what I was feeling to manifest into creativity.

I’ve always believed that if I could ‘FIX’ me I could be happy and from there the imagery of the rippling effect of water comes to mind. Try and imagine yourself as a stone being thrown into a pond (life). Once you’ve made that connection you force everything around you to change. If you understand yourself only then can you understand and control your impact on life…the relationships you’re cultivating…family…

Do something today that connects YOU with YOU – even if it’s sitting quietly by a pool throwing a stone.