Karma Yoga in Rishikesh

South African Karma Yogi, IndiPam – Pamela Tosh – has been travelling between Cape Town and India since 2013. IndiPam is devoted to uplifting and caring for the homeless, poor and Sadhus in this region. IndiPam provides on-site home based care, specialist foot care, first aid and personal hygiene education.

Angels are defined as, ‘any agent God sends forth to execute his purposes’ and, ‘to carry on his government of the world.’ Please keep her in your prayers as she continues to devote time each year to Karma Yoga in Rishikesh. Indipam is putting her faith in God to provide much needed resources for the success of this mission.


  • A wash and care facility
  • A venue to facilitate skills and personal development
  • First aid supplies and necessities
  • Volunteers who share my vision
  • Transportation

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